Certificate of Origin

The Sunland-Tujunga  Chamber of Commerce provides Certificates of Origin as a community business service. For members, there is a $25 charge. For non-members, there is a $75 fee per certificate.


Certificates must be picked up at the Sunland-Tujunga Chamber of Commerce office, 8250 Foothill Blvd., Sunland. Please call 818-352-4433 for an appointment. Monday–Thursday only.

The Chamber will post a stamp indicating that to its best knowledge and belief, based solely on the exporter’s affidavit and not on the basis of independent verification, that the goods described in the affidavit are products of the United States of America.

The Chamber assumes no responsibility beyond obtaining the sworn statements in the affidavit. It makes no warranty, expressed or implied, concerning the goods, affidavit, or any documents relating thereto, and assumes no responsibility for the truth or accuracy of any statements contained in said affidavit or any of the documents mentioned therein.

Requirements for Certificate of Origin

Please bring with you:

  • Completed Certificate of Origin form.
  • A copy of your company’s current Business License.
  • Your California Drivers License or California identification.
  • A letter on your company letterhead stating products in your shipments are made in the United States.
    If raw material has been changed in some way, it is considered U. S. origin.
  • Dated invoice or packing list for this shipment that identifies the seller, the buyer and describes the goods, including specific price.
  • Bill of lading showing where merchandise originated.

Customs contacts

By sea: U.S. Customs public information: (562) 366-5454, (562) 366-5600
By air: LAX Cargo Operations for CBP (310) 215-2618