The preliminary draft amendment (BMO/BHO) to the LAMC to establish new regulations for all single-family zoned properties, including RA, RE, RS, and R1 Zones.

PROPOSED PROJECT: A proposed ordinance amending the Los Angeles Municipal Code to establish new regulations for all single-family zoned properties including the RA, RE, RS, and R1 Zones.  PURPOSE: The purpose of the hearing is to obtain testimony from affected and/or interested persons regarding this project. The hearing will be conducted by a Hearing Officer who will consider oral testimony and any written communication received regarding this proposed Code amendment, as well as the merits of the draft ordinance as it relates to existing land use regulations. After the hearing, a recommendation report will be prepared for consideration by the City Planning Commission at a later date.

Please submit comments to: Niall Huffman, (213) 978-3405. In order to be considered in the report to the City Planning Commission, comments should be received by June 10, 2016. Comments received after June 10, 2016 should be addressed to the City Planning Commission for its consideration.